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We started this blog to keep our family & friends updated on our life! These days it seems all of us are so busy, and some far apart, and we thought this would be a great way to keep in touch :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

September/October Happenings.

I know we've been busy lately, but I have a hard time of remembering with what, lol.

Labor Day weekend we were able to fly to Baton Rouge for my cousin Jacob's wedding. The trip started out a little crazy.... So on Thursday of that long weekend we meet up at the airport with Keri, Austin, and the kids. We all board, get comfortable, pass Ada back and forth, Ada has an accident and soaks my shorts with pee (thanks for changing her before we left Keri!), and as we're about to land the pilot comes over the intercom saying that a plane landed belly up right before us, and they closed the runway. At this point it's about 5:45pm and all of our family is waiting on us to eat supper. We then find out we're being diverted to New Orleans.. we all get off the plane.. and then wait about 45 minutes for them to tell us they are shuttling us by bus to BR.. which is an hour away. We're all starving, ready to see family, it's raining, so we head to where the "bus" is supposed to be. When we get there we see it's a freaking limo party bus decked with flat screen tvs, mini bar, lighted up, crazy seats, and all for our entire plane of strangers to enjoy it with. Of course Keri and I are cracking up, and were saying, "Is this really happening?" Needless to say it was an interesting ride to BR, but memorable :) Of course we came to BR the weekend of a tropical storm, so it poured the ENTIRE time, but Jacob and Aimee's wedding was beautiful, and we were so glad we were able to make it!! While we were there we showed Justin around LSU, visited Mike the tiger, ate Raising Cane's, and Justin finally got to try crawfish, boudin balls, crawfish etouffee... the whole shabang. Time ended much too soon, and we can't wait to plan another trip back!

                                                Keri, Taylor, & Carmen
                                                Me & the gorgeous bride Aimee
                                                 Where the adventure began :)
                                                  Cousins at the wedding reception
                                                            Crazy cousins
                                                    One of my bests
                                                    The boys are weird.
Mom & Carms

Once we got back we've had something planned EVERY weekend!! We've had concerts, bridal showers, company coming in, more weddings, out of town, NASCAR races, birthday parties, etc. Our last wedding this year is Nov. 12! Our good friends Jenna and Nathan are "tying the knot." We're so excited to be apart of their special day! The boys are heading to the mountains the weekend before for a bachelor party, while us girls hit uptown Charlotte Friday night, and a low key dinner/movie night Saturday. I'll post pics of our crazy fun after the wedding.

Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here. I can't believe another year is almost over. It's making me sad! I feel so old now, and more sentimental! What's happnening?! We're staying in Charlotte this year for Thanksgiving, and my dad, sister, and sister's boyfriend are coming up! I'm super thrilled to see them, and of course take dad shopping on Black Friday ;) Justin's parents and his mom's side of the family do a huge Thanksgiving meal together at Justin's parent's house, so it's always a good time, and LOTS of laughs! We'll be in Jacksonville for Christmas this year, but I'm not sure how I feel about a warm Christmas!! We had snow last year for Christmas, and I'm starting to like the cold weather for the holidays!!

Hope everyone is well, and I'll try to post sooner next time :)

*This blog is dedicated to Emily Mastronicola :P


  1. belly up???? wouldn't that be upside down? lol i think you mean the plane landed on its belly

  2. I thought it did land upside down?! Geez I obviously didn't pay attention to what I heard/read.... You're not allowed to read my blog