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We started this blog to keep our family & friends updated on our life! These days it seems all of us are so busy, and some far apart, and we thought this would be a great way to keep in touch :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Since the last time I posted, I feel like we've been so very busy. Justin was traveling for work throughout July to Hilton Head, SC, and Chicago, IL. I stayed at home all by myself!! I was pretty proud of myself, seeing as how I don't like to be at the house alone. I actually enjoyed the quiet for those couple of days :P 

The first week in August we drove home to Florida (my home... my parent's home now), for a long weekend. It was so.good.to.be.home!!!! We finally got to meet Harper Elizabeth Pope :) One of my best friend's from high school had just had her newborn baby girl, and she was a little over a week old once I got to hold her. She's so precious, and we're so excited for Victoria and Jordan! While we were in Florida, we also celebrated Justin's 25th birthday with friends, and later with family. It was so good to catch up with everyone! I definitely miss my Florida friends :(

The next weekend was our one year wedding anniversary <3 It's so hard to believe it's gone by so fast!! We left that Friday after work, and headed up to the mountains. Thanks to my lovely "Uncle Steve & Aunt Deb," we got to stay the weekend at their mountain house. The view was absolutely gorgeous.... the drive up to the house.... was scary. We took my little Scion TC up these unbelievably steep mountain sides, with no real road, just gravel/dirt with major trenches running across the "road." I really don't know how my car made it - the view definitely made up for it. We wined-and-dined at some unbelievably good restaurants, shopped of course, and toured the Highland Brewery in Asheville. J got me the Pandora bracelet I've been wanting, along with some of the charms, and the new, white iPhone :)

We are now in the process of getting ready to leave for Baton Rouge, Louisiana next week! We're sooooo excited, especially because J has never been! We're going to my cousin Jacob's wedding, and we can't wait to meet his future bride, Aimee :)  We also are getting things together for both of our friends, Nathan and Jenna's, wedding in November! The bridesmaid dresses and suits are in... and we're in "honeymoon shower/bachelor/bachelorette party" mode. Bring on the fun.

So obviously I guess one could see why I feel completely exhuasted lately. We've been going, going, going and on top of just those couple of events, we have work, church, laundry, house cleaning, car washing, yard up-keeping, meeting with these friends, meeting with those friends, planning to meet with the other friends, etc, but I know everyone else is just as busy. Lately I feel like I'm losing my mind... the buzzer for the dryer will go off.. why is the dryer going off? is there something in the dryer? when did I put that load in the dryer? I wonder if there are clothes in the washer? There are. Oh no.. how long have those been there? --Does anyone else feel like this.. or are we just too busy?!

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